May 11, 2015

This is about the success of livestock development in Sakhisizwe municipality under Chris Hani district municipality.
To our surprise, on only our third visit in Mgwalana village, we were met by the farmers applauding our arrival, saying that they never had beautiful and healthy livestock as this before. They expressed their gratitude for our rapid impact on the problem they were facing, of ticks and liver fluke infecting their cattle.
The village has two factions it seems. The farmers who commonly brought their livestock to the dips in our presence were no longer doing so because they were ignorant to the slow progression of the cattle’s infection. The livestock that we treated don’t have any ticks and are no longer coughing or sneezing. As a result the farmers are no longer contributing to buying Dazzle for the dipping. They now also bring horses for dosage and vaccination.
We showed them the cheapest method of preparing feed for the small stock in winter if there is a shortage of natural feed.
Here are some pictures of the day.