I am Mildred Menze. I was born in 1976 at Newstead Farm. I attended school at Soziziwe Lower Primary and also went to Ntabelanga Higher Primary from where I moved to Sijongephambili High School.

I met Mngcunube Development through my father who worked at Hilton’s farm owned by Colin Miles, where I stayed with my father. Colin was looking for a person to work with him as an Enumerator and I was available and I succeeded at the interview. We work together until the contract ended. After that I worked with VLP Mthunzi Sigabi, as a fieldworker under Mentor Andrew King. Andrew then offered to train me as a VLP and after training he tested me and I passed.

Mngcunube helped me to learn about animal health and how to talk to our village clients so that I can run my own business.