In 1999 I left school to work on a farm. I was a tractor driver and I ploughed and planted.

In 2009 I left for Johannesburg to work on a dairy farm where I was weighing. , I was on contract basis and my contract ended in 2008. I came home and learnt a trade. I n 2009 we left to work in Elliot where we went on contract in Engcobo to fence. We fenced 49km and then the contract ended.

Then I met Yongama and I started to work with him as a Fieldworker. I was too glad to have work at home. I have learnt a lot and I enjoyed working with livestock and I needed an income.

I have learnt a lot while Jan was working with Yongama. I was so glad when Yongama left the job, Mr Jan asked me to take over. He taught me to build my own business.

At this stage I just want to thank Sibanye and Mngcunube for the support they give us and then Jan and Oom Peter, because my life has changed. I am getting up in the morning knowing that I have a job to do and my family will have something to eat.