I appreciate the Mngcunube livestock project for the opportunity it has given me. I learnt so many different things in life thanks to the project especially in terms of how to handle my livestock.

Before this I was struggling to improve my livestock in terms of how to treat it. Even financially my situation wasn’t right it. But due to the project my flock has improved and I can afford for my kids can go to school and I can give them food and all the things that were so difficult to do before.

All the farmers around this project are helped. They have seen what Mngcunube’s approach has done for them with their livestock. Their livestock problems are addressed because their stock gets injected and dosed and they also learned about livestock improvement with the assistance of this project.

So, I would like to say long live Mngcunube. It has taken me from level to another level and I am proud of my effort as a contribution to this.