As beautiful as our country is, there are tales of great hardship. Sabelo Mdingi had no way to provide for the basic needs of his family and basic necessities were hard to come by. To make ends meet he would assist the Tribal Leader of the community, Chief Joso, by watching his livestock and doing other tasks

When ANDA/ Sibanye/Mngcunube began the project in Mt Ayliff Sabelo came highly recommended by the Chief. Starting off as a field worker in 2010, he began his journey. His love of working with livestock was apparent. He went from strength to strength and was promoted to VLP in 2013. The quality of his life has improved greatly. He has his own business. He has attained skills which will serve him for a lifetime. He is now able to provide his family with basic necessities and more. Sabelo is still working closely with the Chief’s family and their livestock.