Our most successful VLP is Goodman Jinnineka. He is local man, born and bred in Bizana (Stukhutezi village).

He used to work in Port Edward at a hotel where he supervised the porters. He then returned to his home area to start his own livestock farming in an attempt to improve the circumstances of his home and family.

He was recruited by Mngcunube as a VLP Trainee and from there he has grown his own business at a steady pace to the point where he is now the most successful VLP under the project in the Alfred Nzo district.

He had to rely on public transport to reach all his sites which was not an easy task, as anyone familiar with these parts would know. His hard work and perseverance has paid off and he became was able to a car of his own so is now able to reach his sites much more easily. His story is a great example of how the VLP approach can and does succeed.