We offer services at the level of conceptualising, designing, planning, implementing and M&E of and reporting on projects or any combination of these.

We can work with you before or during a project of yours or help got one started or review your project for you or your donor.

We can work as project specialists and collaborators or implementers or as consultants.

Our Track Record page on this site will give you some insight to our strengths and experience but in summary we can assist and support you in the following fields:

  • Delivering widespread village based animal health services at large scale and in so doing training and mentoring rural small businesses to take these services over
  • Farm planning and business plans
  • Developing and improving market access for poor rural wool and mohair producers
  • Support and mentoring of new commercial farmers and owners of farmers who have acquired farms through land reform processes
  • Assessing needs for agricultural infrastructure and implementation thereof
  • Design and implementation of low tech rural village water supply and distribution systems and putting in and/or repairing boreholes and water pumps and windmills; training of rural people to take this serve over as a small business
  • Household food security through homestead gardens and trees.
  • Design and Implementation of large scale emergency relief projects in rural areas including food distribution and food production and accounting for these
  • Organising widespread community work processes and making and accounting for payments to these workers