I am Buyelwa Genge from Ncora Irrigation Scheme area in the Eastern Cape. I am 43 years old and have 4 children between the ages of 27 and 9 years old. Everybody knows me by my nickname “Lele” which I got as a child.

After finishing school at Ncora in 1999, I got a job working in a restaurant kitchen in Petoli (Pretoria). In 2003 I returned home to help look after my elderly mother. Times were hard during this period at home because I was not unemployed.

In 2012 I started as a VLP for Mngcunube. My life improved immediately. Through this work, I have managed to increase my livestock to 24 sheep and 13 cows. I have also bought a Mazda car, and almost completed my 2-bedroom house. My children have also benefited because I can now afford to send them on extra course after they matriculate, namely my eldest son went on a medical and first aid course.

I would like to than Mngcunube and all the sponsors for this great opportunity.