My name is Bejile Wana. I was born in 1967. I was raised by my mother and father and I belong to the Methodist church.

I went to school in 1970 when my parents then decided to move to Taung village where they had plans to start farming and ploughing. This is where I had to then leave my schooling at standard 5, to look after the stock and plough, assisting my father with all this. In 1993 I started to work at a Project, fixing roads, this was where I saw the importance having knowledge and not only driving skills.

I then decided to go to Cape Town where I got a job at a Hotel, which was just as difficult but I tolerated it because I learnt something. I eventually returned from Cape Town because my father didn’t want me to work for someone. Instead he wanted me to be independent and work for myself. I then came back and farmed in the rural areas which was difficult to farm as it had no profit or some sort of money coming it as part of business. Stock and lambs died and even the ploughing failed. I didn’t have anything else to do at that time so I endured.

In 2005 Mngcunube came and at first I was just one of those farmers who was helped by Mngcunube. I eventually was hired by them as a Fieldworker and after they taught me everything I was then promoted to a mentor. Things looked a lot better then and I saw the big difference this made in my life. I built myself a house and I sent my children to a good school in Maclear: my life really changed. I farmed with a purpose of it being a business, the number of stock that died most definitely decreased. Not only my stock but all the other farmers stock that was helped by Mngcunube benefitted and more lambs were born.

I now am the VLP Manager and one of the company Directors, and this is where I learnt a lot. One thing I never thought I would be able to do in my life was to ride a plane to Johannesburg. This was a dream come true the day we were sent to have a meeting with Sibanye Gold, who funds the project that pays me.

I work with plus minus 22 VLP’s who are trained by myself and other Mngcunube mentors. They are all independent VLP’s with their own businesses. I have a farm in Maclear where I plough and plant and I have stock. My only concern is the livestock thieves. Farming life has improved a lot, we have lambs, calves and wool of good quality. Everything I do here at Mngcunube I do for all the farmers who have interest in farming and for those who have children that will continue with the farming process. They are the millionaires of tomorrow.

We will surely benefit from this unity of Sibanye and Mngcunube