My name is Andile Amos. I was born in 1982 at Bolokodlela village near Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape. I did my schooling at Mbudlu Junior but noticed that struggled to learn and left after Grade 8. I went to Cape town to look for the job but most proved to be noyt for long. Life was been so tough without proper education and as a general worker I was the one who got fired first whenever there is a budget limit.

So I decided to go back home where it was been tough to make the living as a head of the family. Then I met Mngcunube towards the end of 2015. I started training as a VLP. It was tough at but through the support I got from the Mngcunube livestock mentor life has taken a big turn. I can provide for my family and also hired my brother’s son. He is also happy he got the job – no more wandering up and down the streets of the village.

I wish Mngcunube could last forever. Thank you.