March 16, 2015


Showing the great dedication of how our mentors often hit off road challenges getting to the farmers in rural areas to provide them with support, education and medical supplies.

One morning one of our mentors, far from the core base, was on his way to help desperate farmers in the rural area of “Gilandonda” when he faced a timely encounter. The mentors 4 wheel drive Mitshibishi bakkie, slid off the mountainous muddy road into a ditch that left his vehicle trapped for hours.

Not having cellphone reception he was forced to find help on foot, eventually finding a tractor for hire and after a great struggle they managed to get the mentors 4 wheel drive bakkie out of the ditch. With it now being early evening he was unable to go to Gilandonda and had no choice but to make his way home. With the rural roads being in a bad state he was forced to take the long way back.